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Did you know for instance that your income may increase if you have had certain health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or asthma? This is also true for smokers and for those who have worked in certain occupations.

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Helping To Boost Income

Things your annuity consultant will look at include:

• Your required annuity income
• Any spouse or dependants' benefits
• Your previous occupations
• The type of area where you live
• Your attitude to risk
• Security versus flexibility
• Other assets you may have
• Your Health

Have you ever been hospitalised for any medical condition? Your broker will also ask if you are currently taking any medication - did you know there are over 1,500 health conditions that could result in an increased pension annuity? You may qualify for what is known as an Enhanced Annuity.

Additionally, Higher Pension Annuities Are Often Offered To:

• Regular smokers
• People who have retired from certain occupations
• People who live in certain parts of the country

An experienced annuity consultant will contact you to discuss your exact requirements and formulate a tailored annuity or drawdown proposal for your circumstances.

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